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Has your house not sold yet? Are you getting tired of all the viewings and no offers?

We can offer an easy solution to a major problem.

We will take a fresh look at your property and will advise you on a low cost, easy ‘homestaging’ production, which could turn your house from “nice” to “I want it!!”

When it’s your own home it’s sometimes difficult to see it through potential buyers eyes. With years of experience and a very good know-how of what clients nowadays are looking for, we can give you valuable advice and assistance in getting your property sold, always within your budget and most of the time using your own furniture, decorations and materials.

With just simple change of colour scheme, or un-cluttering or changing some furniture or lay-out of rooms, we can transform your property to something a buyer wants.

Our track record tells the rest of the story!

Call us for a free visit. It’s worth a try!


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